Renewable Energy has made huge strides in the last 40 years. Some technologies, notably PV, onshore wind and fixed offshore wind, have achieved high levels of refinement and engineering readiness. As market volume expands, costs are tumbling to the point where established fossil and nuclear alternatives are being undercut.

Other power generation sectors in the renewables’ space hold similar promise but are still at the technical refinement stage, notably the ocean based opportunities offered by tidal energy, wave energy and floating wind. Uaine Gorm’s core services support these promising and exciting emerging industries.

Affordable and sustainable renewable power generation is the core element of greening the energy sector. But as renewable technologies become the norm, two collateral challenges emerge.

Firstly, to allow the wider energy sector to be greened, how do we transform demand from heat and transport into electricity?

Secondly, how do we managing the network through smart grids and storage to maintain power balance and power quality?

Uaine Gorm offers advice in these areas, specialising in particular in MVDC and in energy storage strategies.


Who we are

We are a small consultancy with a wide network of trusted associates, built up over four decades in the renewables industry.

Uaine Gorm’s principal, Ray Hunter, is a well known figure in the wind and marine energy sectors.

See our associates for details of how we work.

What we do

We work in the marine generation and power distribution sectors.

We provide clients with strategic, management and technical support in developing and demonstrating innovative and novel technologies.

We specialise in helping clients focus on core challenges and on what adds value.

See our services.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate development and adoption of:

a) marine based renewable generation technologies,
b) smart and flexible network technologies.

These exciting sectors look likely to be strong and effective contributors in the next phase of energy decarbonisation.

Our name

Those familiar with the Scottish Mountains will recognise place names such as Lochan Uaine (the small green loch) and Carn Gorm (the blue mountain). Uaine Gorm comes from the Scottish Gaelic words for green and blue, signifying our mission to help extract green energy from the blue oceans.




Ray Hunter has close to 4 decades of experience in renewables and has made significant contributions in the technological development of wind turbines, tidal turbines and wave converters.

He has held posts in R&D, consultancy, technical management, departmental management and technology strategy.

He has headed project development portfolios and has held board positions in a number of industry trade associations.

He has previously worked with the National Engineering Laboratory, TUVNEL, the RES Group and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.




Lewis Hunter obtained his MEng at the esteemed electronic and electrical engineering department at the University of Strathclyde where he will shortly complete his PhD in MVDC studies within the Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Power Networks and Smart Grids.

As well as having state-of-the-art understanding of the radical changes that will occur in distribution grids as a result of high renewables penetration and the expansion of electrical vehicles, Lewis has wide ranging practical skills.



Pete Bowyer has unrivalled expertise and experience in physical oceanographic modelling.

He has built a number of wave and tidal models for a variety of applications and has a knack for uncovering insights and nuances. He has a healthy scepticism of model results and limitations and likes to separate the understood physics from the fudge.

Pete operates SeaMode Oceanographic.



Nigel is a Mechanical Engineer has over 17 years offshore experience, including in wave, tidal, wind (+ floating wind). Nigel likes to take concepts from the drawing board into the water, trying to marry the physics of the problem/situation with practical engineering to get the best solution. Nigel likes to try new methods and innovative methods in his design solutions.



Kyle Smith has 10 years experience working in renewable energy development and operations, from business development and performance engineering for the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer to remote hydropower system upgrades and public electrical distribution system operations.

He has a particular interest in the area integrated energy systems – where electrical power, transport and heating converge. He is currently conducting research in battery electric vehicle charging and low voltage direct current distribution systems at the University of Strathclyde.


Associate Structure

Uaine Gorm has total project focus.

We are committed to providing high value, client orientated services with minimal internal overhead. We achieve this by mobilising around the client project team for the duration of the requirement.

Uaine Gorm’s director, Ray Hunter, has almost 40 years of experience in the renewables sector and has built up a large network of trusted industry professionals, many of whom are now working independently. This gives Uaine Gorm a pool of high calibre expertise that can be trawled as and when required for specific projects.

As well as this horizontal network, Uaine Gorm has linkage to large public and private sector organisations and consultancies to whom we provide useful associate resource without the high cost and obligations of permanent staffing.


Having worked in academic, research establishment, test-house, consultancy, utilities, trade association and project development sectors, we have a great understanding of market dynamics and client needs.

Uaine Gorm has helped government agencies conceive and plan technology research, development and demonstration programmes and assess proposals from industry.

We have helped technology developers in overall system assessments and in detailed sub-system design and review.

Working through our associate network, both upwards and downwards, Uaine Gorm has provided team members for technical due diligence.

In a flexible, ‘call-off’ capacity we have provided public and private technical  agencies and consultancies with manpower to quickly plug gaps in project teams.

Our Clients


Uaine Gorm offers management and technical services in both technology development and project development

Technology Development

Successful technologies, whether for marine energy generation or for future power networks, require innovation and insight.

Many technology developers are insufficiently self-critical and insufficiently disciplined in risk managing the process of bringing good ideas to maturity.

Investor pressures often lead to a premature rush to achieve design lockdown and to create a large scale demonstration. This is inevitably counterproductive, both technically and commercially.

Uaine Gorm concurs with the growing wisdom that there should be more emphasis on understanding scientific fundamentals and refining technical ideas before moving to engineering prototype hardware.

Uaine Gorm helps technology developers refine concepts and advance ideas. We advocate a rational trajectory through the various levels of technology performance, technology readiness and commercial readiness.

Project Development

Uaine Gorm staff are experienced in managing onshore and offshore project development at both demonstration and commercial scale.

As for technology development, project development needs to be risk managed and to follow a staged approach to ensure best chances for reaching successful outcomes to budget and on time.

Uaine Gorm can advise on site selection strategies and on a balanced approach to project development including environmental, resource, engineering, grid, power purchase and financing aspects.

Specific Services

Typical services include:

– technology review
– development of technology strategy
– technology due diligence
– R&D programme design
– proposal review
– non-exec advice
– project development programme design
– independent progress review
– expert witness
– s
ector and technology review
– competitor review
– stakeholder strategy